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eClass System Specs and Browser Setup

Article Last Updated September 2020

Please note: eClassLive (Adobe Connect) will be decommissioned on January 3rd 2021. Instructors for the Fall 2020 term can still use the system but anyone who can, especially instructors who are new to delivering lectures online, should switch to using Zoom for Synchronous lectures

Recommended Browsers

Other Supported Browsers

  • Safari (8+)
  • Edge

System Setup

We recommend the following browser settings for the eClass site:

  • Pop-ups (Allow)
  • Cookies (Allow)
  • Privacy Blockers (Prevent)

Using Zoom

A word on eClassLive (Adobe Connect)

PLEASE NOTE: eClassLive is set to be decommissioned on January 2nd, 2021. If you are not already using eClassLive, please use Zoom instead.

If you are using eClassLive, we recommend using it with the Adobe Connect Add-In. For more information about setting up your system for Adobe Connect meetings, please see Getting Started with eClasslive.



  • We caution against using Internet Explorer or Edge as they have been reported to have display issues with certain functions.
  • Ensure that your browser software is always up to date.
  • Browser zooming (increasing or decreasing the font/display magnification using CMD + or CTRL +) may cause eClass display issues. If you are having viewing issues, please reset your view back to 100% zoom factor. If you are using the zoom function for accessibility reasons, contact Accessibility Resources as they have better options available.
  • For smartphones, Chrome and MobileSafari are recommended.
  • The recommended display size for eClass is at least 1400 pixels wide. eClass should function acceptably at any resolution at least 320 x 460.
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