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eClass System Specs and Browser Setup


For best results on eClass, we recommend using the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome available for both PC or Mac (minimum version recommended for Chrome is 30; for Firefox 25). To download the latest version of Firefox, click here. To download the latest version of Chrome, click here.

The following browsers should function properly when viewing courses with Moodle in most instances, but may have some compatibility issues when building courses:

  • Safari 6 or later


- Any version of Internet Explorer is not recommended but if you HAVE to use IE, the minimum version supported for drag and drop is IE 10. Update: Multiple problems have been reported with the newest version of IE, called Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. Users should not use MS Edge at this time.

- Browser zooming (increasing or decreasing the font/display magnification using CMD + or CTRL +) may cause eClass display issues. This function should be avoided if possible. If you NEED to use browser zooming, the best performance available is with Google Chrome. If you are using zoom for accessibility reasons, contact SSDS as they have better options available.

- For mobile phones: Chrome and Firefox are both available for download from the Google Play Store and Chrome is available for download from the Apple App Store.


System Set-up

We recommend you select the following settings for whichever browser you use:

  • Pop-up Blocker: Enabled (with an exception set allowing Pop-ups for eClass)
  • Cookies: Enabled (with prompt or without)
  • Java: Enabled

Please ensure you have an up-to-date version of Java or download the latest version from

Depending on which eClass features you utilize, including eClassLive (Adobe Connect), you may require additional add-ins. For more information about setting up your system for Adobe Connect meetings, go to the article "Getting Started with eClasslive".


Display Size

The recommended display size for optimum eClass performance is 1400 pixels wide or higher. eClass should function acceptably at any resolution 320 x 460 or higher.


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