Exporting Content to a Portfolio

Article Last Updated July 2018

If you want to preserve work you have submitted to eClass off the system, you can use portfolio export. It is possible to export any content you submit within a forum or an assignment or indeed any other collaborative activity in eClass to a portfolio. There are currently 2 possible portfolios available for export: Mahara ePortfolio and U of A Google Docs.

Mahara ePortfolios is a system that is specifically designed for electronic portfolio (web page) construction. This may be required for specific courses or programs at the direction of a course or program instructor. The system allows you to build pages incorporating your work from other sources (eg. eClass, Google drive) that can be used to demonstrate competency in an area and/or be used for a specific purpose (eg. a CV). For an overview of all available articles on using U of A ePortfolios, please see here.

U of A Google Docs is a full-featured online document editing and storage tool for all students, faculty, and staff through their ualberta.ca account. For more information and assistance with this and other tools in the Google Apps suite, please see here.


To export activity content (forum and assignment submissions) from eClass to one of you available portfolios:

  1. Navigate to the item that you'd like to keep (e.g., blog post, discussion post, assignment submission, collaborative activity, etc...).

  2. Click the Export to Portfolio link below or the plus button at the right hand side of the object.

  3. Choose the Select destination, either Mahara ePortfolio or U of A Google Docs.

    1. If you select U of A Google Docs and you are not already signed into your ualberta.ca account, you will need sign in. Note: if you have set up your browser for sign-in to multiple google accounts, the 1st time you do this you should ensure that you select your ualberta.ca account and not a personal google account:

    2. If you select Mahara ePortfolios, you will next need to select the format for your export - the options available are dependent on the particular type of activity and/or type of the content you are exporting, then click Next:

    3. For more details on this process inclduing where to find your exported content in ePortfolios, see the article Saving eClass Content in Your Mahara ePortfolio.

  4. Click Continue. Your content is now saved to the portfolio you selected. eClass will display two options: Return to where you were (in eClass) or Continue to your portfolio (launch whichever portfolio you selected). Choose which area you would like to continue on to.
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