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iClicker Introduction

Article Last Updated July 2019

Please note that ePoll is now available - a free, web-based student response system. iClickers will no longer be centrally supported at the U of A starting in July 2019. For more information, please review the following update from 2018 - Link.

iClicker is the centrally supported SRS at the U of A

A student response system (SRS) is a technology that uses infrared or radio frequency to transmit student responses to instructor's questions. These responses are recorded and displayed as part of the class presentation display. Using a Student Response System (SRS) is a quick way to measure comprehension and increase interactivity in your lectures. An increasing body of academic literature has shown the effectiveness of using an SRS in combination with active learning methods in the classroom.

iClicker Basics

The iClicker system consists of a receiver, instructor blue remote, student remotes, and software stored on a usb key. iClicker base stations are installed in most of the Smart classrooms on the U of A campus. Instructors register their course with the bookstore for students to purchase their remotes there and to obtain an instructor remote. Instructors then download the iClicker software, store it on a personal USB key, and bring it to their SMART classroom for lectures. The software 'floats' on top of any application so you can use the presentation software of your choice to deliver questions. If desired, polling results can displayed on-screen in a number of graphical formats.

The system allows for either anonymous polling or for linking responses to specific students. Through a web registration system or in-class roll call, individual iClicker student remotes can be associated with class members to record responses for evaluating participation or for testing. The iClicker results can be migrated directly into eClass course sections or published as html reports.

 Next Steps

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