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Article Last Updated July 2019

Please note that ePoll is now available - a free, web-based student response system. iClickers will no longer be centrally supported at the U of A starting in July 2019. For more information, please review the following update from 2018 - Link.

If you are an instructor wanting to use i>clickers in your course, there are a few things you need to do in advance:

Ordering Student Remotes

Instructors need to order i>clicker student remotes through the Bookstore for their course to ensure that the bookstore has enough on hand to meet campus needs.

The sale, distribution, and returns policy of the student remotes and instructor receivers will be similar to that used for textbooks. Students will purchase the remotes from the Bookstore and will be able to resell the remotes after the course, should they wish. Students can use the same clicker over their entire academic career in any course that uses i>clicker with no additional fees.

They can be ordered in the same way you order textbooks for your course. The current price for the student remote is ~$60; the bookstore buys back used clickers for 50% of the new price and sells used remotes for $40. Both the new version 2 remotes (with LCD screens) and the older version 1 remotes function with the U of A infrastructure.

Students are also able to purchase used i>clicker remotes or borrow remotes from friends who may not be using them in a term. Under the new system, students taking different courses that require clickers can share the same remote. For more information on registration see Registering Your i>clicker - Students and Linking i>clicker Responses to Students (Registration).

Orders can be submitted through the requisition page, by phone, email or in person. When ordering through the Bookstore include:

  • The student remote ISBN (0-7167-7939-0)
  • Your textbook/vendor name (in case your textbook has a deal in combination with i>clicker)
  • Estimated course enrollment numbers (just as you would a regular course textbook)

Bookstore Contact:

Paul Wilde
Course Materials Manager
University of Alberta Bookstores
Students Union Building

Phone: (780) 492-0433
Fax: (780) 492-1726

Confirm that your Classroom is Configured for Using i>clickers

The IST Academic Collaborations team maintains the i>clicker base station hardware in the campus Smart classrooms. The IST website has an i>clicker FAQ which includes the list of classrooms that have i>clicker installed:

If your classroom is not on this list, you should contact IST through the helpdesk (780-492-9400 or to have them install a base station in your assigned room. If they cannot install one, they should be able to provide you with a term long loan.

IST also has a small number of base stations and i>clicker remotes for short term loans such as conferences, training sessions, or just if you want to try out the system in a few of your lectures.

Next steps:

Make sure to familiarize yourself with using the system: Using i>clickers for Basic Polling.

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