Adding eClassLive Sessions

eClassLive is powered by Adobe Connect, a tool that allows instructors to connect with students online at a specified time. The system includes a wide range of tools to interact with students: video, whiteboards, presentations, chat, and more. eClassLive allows instructors to teach in a virtual classroom and can be used in fully online courses or as part of a blended course.

Adding an eClassLive Session

  1. Turn on editing
  2. Move to the topic area where you wish to add content (the week, unit, etc…) and click on the Add an Activity or Resource button Add Activity or Resource link
  3. Choose eClassLive (Adobe Connect) and click Add.
  4. A new page will appear with the following settings under the 'General' category:
    • "Meeting title": Meeting titles must be unique. The error message A duplicate meeting name was found on the server will appear if you have not selected a unique name. Incorporating the meeting date and the name of your course into the meeting title can help ensure that your meeting name is unique.
    • "Intro": The intro appears just above the button allowing students to join the meeting. This is a good place for information which should be presented to students before they enter the meeting.
  5. The following important settings can be found under the 'Adobe Connect Settings' category:
    • "Meeting URL Customization": Allows the instructor to specify the URL of the meeting. For example, entering math101-fall2013-lecture1 would generate the following URL: If none is specified, the system will generate a random string as the URL.
    • "Meeting type": Allows the instructor to specify if the activity is public or private. A public course means that you may invite other users to attend the meeting using the meeting URL.  A private course only allows students who are registered in the eClass course to access the meeting.
    • "Meeting Templates": Allows you to choose the default template of the meeting.
    • "Start time" and "End time" : Specifies when the meeting will be listed as starting and ending. Students can access the resource with the URL at any time before and after this time. This setting is used primarily to add your meeting time to the calendar in your course.
  6. Set the customizations for each item and save it when you are done.


  • You only need to add one eClassLive session to your course; that same room can be used over and over throughout the term, year, etc. However, please be aware that if you need to record your sessions, it is recommended that you have multiple eClassLive sessions in your course to prevent a known issue with audio corruption in recordings.
  • Note that the start time and end time of your session are only relevant to your eClass calendar. The room will stay open as long as you would like, regardless of what you set as your start and end point in the initial setup.

Accessing Sessions

  1. Instructors access eClassLive sessions by clicking on the link for the session identified by the title they entered (next to the eClassLive session icon  )

  2. Once inside the activity clicking Join Meeting will launch the online meeting room:

  3. If you require users not enrolled in your eClass course to access the session, the URL to share with them is listed under Meeting URL Customization. The meeting URL is most commonly emailed directly to the required participants but it can also be embedded in web pages, non-credit courses, or within different learning management systems. Note that anyone with this link will be able to access your session.
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