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Registering Your i>clicker - Students
Posted by Dave Laurie on 21 August 2014 03:50 PM

Some instructors use i>clicker voting responses for grading and for other tracking purposes. In such cases, you are required to register your clicker ID to your CCID. For identity security reasons, this process is done through a local registration website. You should not need to register at unless your instructor specifically tells you to do so.

Note: the i>Clicker Registration process has changed for Winter 2016 term. The instructions below are for the new process being launched after Fall 2015 term - any clicker registrations made before that time will need to be re-done in the new system.

If your instructor has directed you to register your i>clicker remote, follow these steps:

  1. Log into eClass and enter the course website for whichever course you need to register the clicker:
  2. You can use the same clicker in multiple courses (so you only need to register once) but under the new system, students taking different courses that require clickers can share the same remote
  3. Find the clicker ID on the back of your remote

  4. Click the clicker registration link in your course - it should be near the top of the page and will be identified by the i>Clicker logo

  5. Enter the clicker ID into the field provided and click Register

Once this is done, your instructor's software will connect to the database and confirm your clicker ID based on your CCID.

Please note:

  • If you purchase a used clicker and encounter difficulties registering, please email and include the clicker ID and your CCID so we can correct the problem.
  • If you cannot see your clicker ID (ie. you have purchased a used clicker and the ID number has been rubbed off), please come visit us in room 1-56 of the General Services Building and we can run a quick utility to determine the clicker ID.
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