Linking iClicker Responses to Students (Registration)

Article Last Updated July 2019

Please note that ePoll is now available - a free, web-based student response system. iClickers will no longer be centrally supported at the U of A starting in July 2019. For more information, please review the following update from 2018 - Link.

This article will explain how to link the anonymous iClickers responses obtained in class to individual students. This will allow you to know how specific students respond to the questions you ask during your polling sessions in class. This can be used to assess students or provide participation scores.

To use the steps below, you need to direct your students to register their iClickers using the instructions in the following article: Registering Your iClicker - Students. Unless you intend to support iClicker REEF or iClicker Cloud, your students should only need to register their clickers on eClass. You can perform the steps below at any time but your students will not be synched with your software until they complete their clicker registration in eClass (they will appear in your software as unregistered).

For instructors, there are 4 steps:

  1. Adding the iClicker Registration activity to your eClass course
  2. Using the activity to create your roster file and manage clicker registrations
  3. Configuring the iClicker software
  4. Synchronizing polling data with registered students in the grading tool of iClicker

The screenshots in this tutorial are using the latest version. Please note that the registration process is entirely local and does not submit any student information to external sites. All student information is saved locally and is not stored outside of Canada.

1. Adding the iClicker Registration Activity to Your eClass Course

  • Inside your eClass course, turn editing on and click Add activity or resource in any content section of your course. Only one instance of the registration activity needs to be added to your course so it makes sense to add it to a content section near the top of the course (unless you are introducing clickers later).
  • Select iClicker Registration from the list of activities and click Add.

  • Enter a title for the activity (and optionally a description). The title will be the link the students click on to complete their registrations so making it descriptive and obvious like 'Register Your Clicker Here!' is a good idea.
  • Click Save to create the activity.

2. Creating Your Roster File and Viewing Registrations

  • Once you have created the activity, clicking the link Register Your Clicker Here! (or whatever you choose to name the activity) will enable you to easily create your roster file and to see the list of registered students in your course

  • You should make sure that you generate your class roster after the end of the add/drop period to account for any changes to the list of enrolled students

3. Configuring iClicker Classic

Part 1: Adding the roster file

  • Once you have created your course in iClicker Classic, you can take the roster file generated in eClass and replace the sample class roster file in the software folder on your USB key (or laptop if lecturing from there). Please see the article Using iClickers for Basic Polling for an overview of obtaining the software and getting the course set up. The location of this sample file in the iClicker Classic folder is shown below and will be contained under Classes/[Whatever you name your Clicker course]:

  • You can delete the sample roster file before copying the new file into the folder or simply overwrite the existing file:

Part 2: Specifying the (new) Local Registration Database

When you run your iClicker software at the start of term (or at any time when you need to synch up anonymous votes to registered students), you must specify the local database in your settings. This only needs to be done once for the term.

  • Run iclicker.exe or
  • On the welcome screen, highlight your course (click it) and select Settings

  • Select the 'Gradebook' tab and enter the following url in the Server URL field:
    • sql

  • NOTE: The url above must be entered exactly as shown, including the trailing slash. Some users have encountered errors when synching if the trailing slash is missing.
  • Make NO changes to the Roster source area. Changing this setting to Moodle (even though eClass is powered by moodle) will BREAK the correct synchronization with the Roster file
  • Click Save

4. Synchronizing polling data with registered students in the grading tool of iClicker

To synchronize your software and Roster.txt file with the local registration database where your students have entered their clicker IDs, you need to use the i>Clicker Gradebook:

  • Run iclicker.exe or
  • Select your course then click Open Gradebook

  • You will know that your roster file is correctly configured if your list of student names is appearing in the list of available participants. All unregistered students names will appear in red. If you have an incorrectly formatted roster file, you will only see the clicker IDs (once you have begun recording polling data).

  • Click Sync
  • You will see the message 'Communicating with server', then a report on how many records were updated
  • Any student who has registered online will be registered - their name will now appear in black and their clicker ID will no longer appear in the list

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