Receiving Messages from eClass

Article Last Updated June 2018

eClass allows you to choose whether to be notified by email or pop-up messages for a number of system events such as person-to-person messages, new posts to forums you're subscribed to, and feedback from assignments. The default settings are that you will receive all of these messages.

Before you change these settings, be aware that many instructors use the course Announcements forum (where you have automatically been subscribed) to send you important course information. If you choose to disable email notification for subscribed forums, make sure to check the course Announcements forum regularly for important updates. If you wish to receive email notifications only from certain forums (ie. keep notifications from Course Announcement forums but remove notifications from others), you can use the following article to find out more on managing your forum subscriptions: Receiving Notifications from Forums (Subscription)

To change these settings, navigate to the user drop-down menu by clicking on your name in the top right corner of eClass and select Preferences. (Click here for information about the Messaging area that is located directly to the left of your profile drop-down.)

To change your notification settings for direct messages between users, select Message Preferences.


You can choose to prevent non-contacts from messaging you and whether or not you wish to receive emails notifying you of new personal messages. New in January 2019, you can also decide whether to receive alerts for personal messages when using the mobile app.


New in 2018, in addition to email notifications (if you select them,) you will see notifications of the number of any new, unread messages appear overlaid on top of in the messages icon in the top green navigation bar:

Clicking the icon will display an overlay with a quick view of all your recent incoming messages:

To change your notification settings for all other sources including subscribed forum posts, click Notification Preferences from your Profile > Preferences area.

You can choose which eClass events to receive notifications about, and how to be notified. You can choose to be notified when in eClass, by email, or (new in January 2019) in the mobile app, in all cases depending on whether you are logged in or not. Check the Disable notifications box at the top of the page to disable all notifications.

New in 2018, if you select to receive notifications via the website, alerts for these will appear on top of the new notifications icon in the top green bar:

 Clicking this icon will show a list of all your recent notifications:

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