Receiving Messages from eClass
Posted by Dave Laurie on 10 August 2011 11:41 PM

eClass allows you to choose whether to be notified by email or pop-up messages for a number of system events such as person-to-person messages, new posts to forums you're subscribed to, and feedback from assignments. The default settings are that you will receive all of these messages.

Before you change these settings, be aware that many instructors use the course Announcements forum (where you have automatically been subscribed) to send you important course information. If you choose to disable email notification for subscribed forums, make sure to check the course Announcements forum regularly for important updates. If you wish to receive email notifications only from certain forums (ie. keep notifications from Course Announcement forums but remove notifications from others), you can use the following article to find out more on managing your forum subscriptions: Receiving Notifications from Forums (Subscription)

To change these settings, navigate to the user dropdown menu by clicking on your name in the top right corner of eClass and select Preferences.

From your preferences page, select Messaging.

Then, on the 'Configure notification methods for incoming messages' page, choose which eClass events to receive notifications about, and how to be notified. You can choose to be notified either by email or by popup message within the system. Uncheck all of the options if you don't want to be notified at all. Be sure to click Update profile at the bottom of the page so that the changes you have made take effect.


If you choose to receive popup notifications they will be displayed at the bottom of the screen as soon as you log in to eClass. Note that popup notifications must be viewed to be removed from your screen - to do this you must click on 'Go to messages' below the message and then click on the contact who sent the message for the pop-up to be marked as 'Read'.


By default, all eClass email notifications will be sent to your ualberta email address. While on My profile settings > Messaging page, you can choose to re-direct notifications to a different email address by navigating to the 'Email' section and entering your alternative email address.  Click on Update profile near the bottom of the page to save your settings.

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