U of A i>clicker Policies

If instructors wish to use i>clickers to allocate participation marks, the Office of the Vice Provost (IT) recommends that they do not use the company’s web registration site located in the United States. For this reason, IST hosts a local web registration system so that no student information is stored in the US. The service is now accessed directly via courses in eClass where students can enter their i>clicker remote serial number (from the back of their clicker).

A detailed guide on how the setup for student-clicker registration is available here: Linking i>clicker Responses to Students (Registration)

At this time (since no Privacy Information Assessment has been completed), the U of A does not officially support using the i>clicker REEF web-based registration system. Some instructors have proceeded with this anyway by contacting i>clicker Client Services Support directly: support@iclicker.com. Note that it is NOT possible to use the REEF system in conjunction with the U of A's local registration database. If instructors choose to run REEF and they offer students the choice of using physical remotes, those students can register their clicker by creating a free REEF account. Instructors opting to do this should be familiar with the VPTL December 2014 policy on 3rd party homework tools: Using Third Party Homework Tools within eClass.

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