eClassLive Basics Training Session

The link below will launch a recording of an online training session delivered during the initial adoption of Adobe Connect as eClassLive (the campus' synchronous learning tool) in 2014. While there have been some changes to the interface and addition of new functionality, the basics elements and concepts remain the same and the session as a whole is a useful example for newcomers to delivering lectures online.

The session explores the fundamental tools and strategies required to deliver a basic lecture using eClassLive. This includes how to set up a meeting, how to prepare your meeting room, how to deliver a basic lecture, how to share content with students, and how to conduct a large group discussion. The eClassLive Basics session is recommended for all instructors who will be using the system. If you are a new user who has not previously used any synchronous learning tool, are less comfortable with technology, or just want a more hands-on session, please contact IST eClass support for a 1-on-1 consultation.

eClassLive Basics Video:

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