Changing Your Displayed Screen Name in eClassLive (Adobe Connect)
Your displayed screen name on eClassLive (Adobe Connect) depends on how you accessed the session:

- If you entered through eClass by clicking on the Join session your name on eClass should match the displayed name in eClass. Note: If the account name does not synch correctly, ie. you notice a discrepancy between your eClass screen name and the one that displays by default in eClassLive, please contact to have it changed.

- If you entered by clicking on an emailed link to the session and logged in as a guest, your name will be whatever you entered in the Name field

If you want to change your screen name only for the current session, the process is as follows:

  1. Once inside Adobe Connect, click the Pod options icon at the top right corner of the Attendees pod
  2. Click Edit my info...

  3. In the dialog that opens, enter your new name for display, then click OK

Now your name in the Attendees pod will display whatever text you entered.

Please note: Changing your name in this manner will only persist for the duration of the current Adobe Connect session you have opened. If you are signing in through eClass and want your displayed name in eClassLive to permanently match that name, please contact

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