Switching Your Course Start and End Dates
The following article contains features, steps, or screenshots that are updated for the new version of eClass available June 25th, 2018. If you run into issues before that time please contact IST eClass Support.
As a part of our upgrade in July 2015, we have introduced a feature into eClass that allows instructors to set, view, and change the access dates for students in their courses using the new Course Management block. This article outlines how to use the block.

When you request an eClass for credit sections, you are required to specify the start and end dates during that process (see the article Student Access to Your Course for more details on that process.) Your students will gain or lose access to your course at 12:01AM on those dates. Once those dates are set, they can subsequently be viewed or adjusted inside your live eClass course using the Course Management block.

Most courses contain the Course Management block by default (in which case you can skip down to Changing your Course Access Dates). If the Course Management block is not present in your course, see the instructions below on how to add it.

Adding the Course Management block

  1. Once inside your course, Turn editing on near the top right
  2. Click Add a block at the bottom of the left hand frame

  3. Select Course Management 

The page should refresh and there will now be a block titled COURSE MANAGEMENT on the right hand column which will show what ever dates you specified during your initial course request.

This block can only be added to a course by course instructors, designers, or TAs. The block is visible to all administrative roles but cannot be seen by students, auditors, or guests.

Changing your Course Access Dates

  1. In the COURSE MANAGEMENT block, click the Edit button

  2. You can change dates either using the day, month, year dropdowns...

  3. Or using the calendar icons

  4. If your selected start date or end date will change the current course visibility (eg. course currently open and a new start date in the future is selected,) when you click Save changes you will see an alert that your course visibility will be changing

  5. Click Yes on the alert to confirm your changes

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