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This article lists the current known issues and technical problems in eClass that have already been added to our product backlog for repairs or for which there is already development underway or completed for from

Issue/Problem Summary Known Workarounds

Problems with the assignment activity document conversion (Resolved)

Certain files including .PNG images, some form-filled PDFs, PDFs with existing overlaid annotations, and text comments added to MS Excel files are not displaying in the converted PDF in the quick grading view. 

The files are available outside the quick grading converter view in the File submissions column of the assignment 'View all submissions'  table.

Update June 2019: eClass developers have fixed the issue and submitted the issue to Moodle HQ  -

Email address remains hidden regardless of profile settings (Resolved)

In the course's Participants list, email addresses remain hidden from other students regardless of the 'Email display' setting in the user profile.

Update June 2019:  the issue is resolved. Email addresses are not displayed on the participant list itself - students must click peer's names and view the information on their profile.

Accessing eClass Using Microsoft Edge MS Edge is the replacement for Internet Explorer in Windows 10. A number of users have reported problems using eClass with MS Edge, including an inability to login, problems viewing PDF content, and issues with the editing tools. There are a number of fixes in the Moodle product backlog. Until these are incorporated into eClass, users should use one of the recommended browsers to access eClass - Firefox or Chrome (see eClass Recommended Browsers and System Set Up).
ePortfolio Group Creation for Courses Fails The group creation tool inside courses will fail if any students in the course have not yet logged in through eClass onto the ePortfolio service.

eClass support can assist in this process when students are no longer enrolled in courses or when other problems occur. A bug for this issue has been added to our backlog.

Gradebook setting 'Show totals excluding hidden items' setting displays incorrect calculated grade items for students

Calculated grade items render incorrect values for students in the gradebook user report when the 'Hide totals if they contain hidden items' course grade setting is set to 'Show totals excluding hidden items'.

If you need to have calculated grade items, it is recommended to not use the 'Show totals excluding hidden items' setting at this time.

Quiz Calculated Questions - dataset settings ignored

Datasets generated for Calculated Questions in Quizzes will continue to produce values with decimal places despite setting values to contain no decimals.

Bug has been reported to Moodle HQ:

Problems with csv gradebook import and mis-formatted data

Rows with data but without student identifiers are uploaded into the preceding row without errors being thrown

Ensure that there are no extra data rows in csv spreadsheets being uploaded into eClass.

This issue is being worked on at Moodle HQ.


Badges require a unique name

Users cannot create a badge that has the same name as any other badge currently available on the site (each badge name must be unique).

We recommend appending your course name and the term/year to your badges to ensure that each name is unique. For example, a badge named 'Merit Badge' should instead be 'MATH 100 Merit Badge 2017'.

Grades are not displayed to students after disabling marking workflow filter

If students' assignment submissions have been graded with the marking workflow filter enabled, disabling the marking workflow filter will make feedback comments visible but not grades.

Rather than disabling the marking workflow filter to display grades, set the marking workflow state to Released to make grades visible to students. For more details, see Controlling Release of Grades to Students using the Assignment activity.

Errors when importing grades over 100

Spreadsheet uploads into the gradebook do not function when any scores are over 100.

Grades over 100 can be manually added to the eClass gradebook.

This is a known issue at Moodle HQ. (

PDF files set with the 'Embed' display setting do not render on iOS devices

If an instructor uploads a PDF file and changes the Display setting to 'Embed', the file will not embed or display properly on iOS devices.

This appears to be an issue with iOS devices being unable to display the embedded file.

Instructors are advised to not use the 'Embed' display setting for their PDF files. If using the embed setting is required, you may need to advise students that accessing the embedded files will only be possible on non-iOS devices.

Switching from Forced to Auto-subscription mode in Course Announcements forums removes subscribers

If an instructor switches the course Announcements forum from the default subscription mode of 'Forced-subscription' to 'Auto-subscription' all students will become unsubscribed from the forum.

The subscribers can be restored be switching back to forced subscription (or to another subscription mode like optional and then back to auto-subscription.)

This is a known issue at Moodle HQ. 


Duplicating rubric criteria containing 2 levels introduces a 3rd 'undefined' level

Using the duplicate mechanism for rubric criteria does not function cleanly when rubrics are set up with only 2 levels.

The only workaround is to delete the unwanted 3rd level.

This issue has been reported to Moodle HQ.


Switching tabs in a tab display breaks videos that were embedded using the Media button in the editor.

If a video from a streaming service (YouTube, for example) is embedded using just its link via the Media button in the editor, switching tabs will break the player.

The workaround is to embed a video using the <iframe> embed code provided by the streaming services, relying on their player. An example of embedding videos this way can be seen in this article, which outlines embedding videos from Google Drive.

Completion Tracking options are visible for Anonymous Forums.

Anonymous Forums are designed to scrub user information from logs, posts, and email notifications in an effort to be truly anonymous. If completion tracking is enabled in a course, the completion tracking options appear in the settings for Anonymous Forums even though there is no information logged that can be tracked.

The only workaround at the moment is to refrain from using completion tracking in Anonymous Forums, and use the Forum activity if completion tracking is required.

Resetting Dashboard to default results in errors being thrown.

There is currently an issue where going to Customize this page in the top right corner of your dashboard, and then on Reset page to default, will return an error after clearing some of your blocks.This is currently under investigation.

There is no workaround outside of manually removing blocks at this time. We are investigating the issue, and will remove this known issue as soon as it has been resolved.

Time shown under Last Post column in Forums (Resolved)

The date and time shown under the Last Post column in Forums is only referring to the date and time for the original post rather than any subsequent replies to the thread.

Update June 2019: The issue has been fixed.

Selecting a section in a course using the Collapsed Topics format causes the section above to be unresponsive.

When the Collapsed Topics course format is used, clicking on a section title or clicking on Save and return to course when editing content in a section will cause a small area above the section to be unresponsive.

The workaround at the moment is to remove the selector in the URL (#section-x) or click on your course name at the top of the left-nav.


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