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Posted by Dave Laurie on 06 October 2015 01:59 PM

This article lists the current known issues and technical problems in eClass that have already been added to our product backlog for repairs or for which there is already development underway or completed for from

Issue/Problem Summary Known Workarounds
Problems in quizzes using adaptive and immediate feedback question behaviour When quizzes provide immediate feedback or use adaptive behaviour, certain combinations of settings can allow students to infer the correct answer before students actually submit their response.

The combination of quiz settings causing this issue is fairly rare so this affects only a small number of users and is being worked on at moodle HQ ( A workaround exists for quizzes using immediate feedback: de-selecting 'Marks' as a review option will solve the issue.

Accessing eClass Using Microsoft Edge MS Edge is the replacement for Internet Explorer in Windows 10. A number of users have reported problems using eClass with MS Edge, including an inability to login, problems viewing PDF content, and issues with the editing tools. There are a number of fixes in the moodle product backlog. Until these are incorporated into eClass, users should use one of the recommended browsers to access eClass - Firefox or Chrome (see eClass Recommended Browsers and System Set Up).
Audio Problems with eClassLive Recordings High numbers of recordings in the same session and/or a high number of pods in a recorded session can increase the chances of audio corruption in eClassLive recordings. As a best practice, we recommend that users making heavy use of recordings spread those recordings out over multiple eClassLive session links in eClass. We also recommend that users who employ a large number of pods in their recorded session delete any non-essential pods between eClassLive sessions. Full details on this issue can be found in this article.
Inaccurate word counts in Online text assignment submissions

The word count of submitted online text assignments is always 9 higher than the word count before submission. The problem stems from the export to portfolio feature on our site (which contains 9 words) - these words get counted along with the actual submission.

Instructors and students just need to be aware that submitted word counts will contain the extra 9 words. Assignments with word count limits are not affected by this issue.This bug has been submitted to moodle central.

Gradebook setting 'Show totals excluding hidden items' setting displays incorrect calculated grade items for students

Calculated grade items render incorrect values for students in the gradebook user report when the 'Hide totals if they contain hidden items' course grade setting is set to 'Show totals excluding hidden items'.

If you need to have calculated grade items, it is recommended to not use the 'Show totals excluding hidden items' setting at this time.

Problems with csv gradebook import and mis-formatted data

Rows with data but without student identifiers are uploaded into the preceding row without errors being thrown

Ensure that there are no extra data rows in csv spreadsheets being uploaded into eClass.

This issue is being worked on at Moodle central.

Access restrictions cause problems with quiz overrides

Quiz user overrides become inactive and non-editable when any of the following settings/conditions are applied to the quiz:

  • The quiz is unavailable due to being outside of availability dates.
  • The quiz is hidden from within the common module settings.
  • The quiz resides in a section/topic that has access restriction settings applied.
  • The quiz itself has access restriction settings applied.

User overrides can be applied with the above settings in place, but are then shown as greyed-out and do not provide options to Edit or Copy the override (the only option is to delete).

If you need to apply a change to an existing override, or if you want to copy an existing override that is affected by this issue, you will need to manually create a new override.

The other option is to change or remove the access restrictions set upon the quiz to allow the override to take affect.

This issue is being tracked and worked on upstream at moodle central.

Problems with multiple question attempts in Lesson activities

Specific combinations of settings for questions in a Lesson may cause students to encounter confusing messages regarding whether or not they can re-attempt a question.

Under Flow control in a Lesson's settings, if Maximum number of attempts is greater than 1, then Provide option to try a question again should be disabled. These two settings are incompatible with one another.

This issue is being worked on at Moodle central.

Badges require a unique name

Users cannot create a badge that has the same name as any other badge currently available on the site (each badge name must be unique).

We recommend appending your course name and the term/year to your badges to ensure that each name is unique. For example, a badge named 'Merit Badge' should instead be 'MATH 100 Merit Badge 2017'.

Grades are not displayed to students after disabling marking workflow filter

If students' assignment submissions have been graded with the marking workflow filter enabled, disabling the marking workflow filter will make feedback comments visible but not grades.

Rather than disabling the marking workflow filter to display grades, set the marking workflow state to Released to make grades visible to students. For more details, see Controlling Release of Grades to Students using the Assignment activity.

Course participation reports very slow or fail to load

The built-in course participation report (under Reports > Course participation) loads very slowly and some times times out in courses with high student enrollments.

The locally developed analytics plugin can provide this data instead - see Viewing Learning Analytics for your course for more information

This is a known issue at Moodle HQ.

Downloading Quiz structure analysis table in the Quiz statistics report fails with some file types

Downloading Quiz structure analysis tables in .csv format (and in some cases .xlsx and .ods formats) fails.

The 'HTML Table' and 'Javascript Object Notation (.json)' exports are still working. If these formats are not helpful, the following workaround can be used in the Firefox browser:

1. From the "File not found" page, right click and "View Page Source".
2. Then right click and "Save Page As...", and give the file the appropriate extension (xls, csv, or ods).
3. Open the saved file using the appropriate application.

In some cases we have also found some formatting errors with some of the files, so please be aware that you may need to edit and clean up the file after using this method.

This is a known issue at Moodle HQ.

PDF files set with the 'Embed' display setting do not render on iOS devices

If an instructor uploads a PDF file and changes the Display setting to 'Embed', the file will not embed or display properly on iOS devices.

This appears to be an issue with iOS devices being unable to display the embedded file.

Instructors are advised to not use the 'Embed' display setting for their PDF files. If using the embed setting is required, you may need to advise students that accessing the embedded files will only be possible on non-iOS devices.

Switching from Forced to Auto-subscription mode in Course Announcements forums removes subscribers

If an instructor switches the course Announcements forum from the default subscription mode of 'Forced-subscription' to 'Auto-subscription' all students will become unsubscribed from the forum.

The subscribers can be restored be switching back to forced subscription (or to another subscription mode like optional and then back to auto-subscription.)

This is a known issue at Moodle HQ. 


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