Using iClickers on both Mac and PC

Article Last Updated July 2019

Please note that ePoll is now available - a free, web-based student response system. iClickers will no longer be centrally supported at the U of A starting in July 2019. For more information, please review the following update from 2018 - Link.

The iClicker software has both Mac and PC versions and these versions can be used interchangeably with the same course voting data. If you are an instructor who has a Mac computer in your office and you deliver your lectures from the PC in a SMART classroom, you may want to set up a single combined folder on your USB drive to facilitate this process.

The following instructions explain how to create this combined folder (working on a Mac but the same thing could be done on a PC):

  1. On your office machine, download the latest versions of both the Windows and Mac software from the iClicker website
  2. Unzip and open both folders
  3. In the Mac version of the iClicker folder, select (if you see no file name extensions, you can turn them on/off at Finder > Preferences > Advanced >Select or deselect 'Show all filename extensions')

  4. Copy or move this file into the Windows version of the iClicker folder

  5. Rename the folder so you know it contains both mac and windows software versions

  6. You can now copy this folder onto your USB key and use it both in class to deliver lectures and in your office to check clicker voting data. On your Mac, launch the .app version of the software; on PC launch the .exe versions of the software. Both will be reading from the same data source (the 'Classes' folder). You may want to re-title this new folder to make it easy to distinguish from any other versions of the software on your machine/USB key.
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