Audio Problems with eClassLive Recordings

NOTE: These issues should be resolved by the eClass upgrade scheduled for Summer 2017.


A small number of users have reported audio issues with eClassLive recordings in Fall 2015. The sessions associated with these recordings did not experience any audio issues during the live meeting, but seem to have audio issues within the playback of the recording.

An in-depth investigation by IST Apps hosting and Adobe Connect support identified the following potential causes for this issue along with some suggested best practices to help prevent these issues:

  1. Using the same eClassLive session for an entire term of session recordings: having a high number of recordings present in the same eClassLive session increases the chance of audio corruption in the Adobe Connect database
    • Best practice: Create more eClassLive activities across the term and make single (or fewer recordings in each session). For example, if you intend to make heavy use of recorded sessions, create one eClassLive activity for each month of the term.
  2. High number of pods available in the session: creating a high number (eg. > 10) pods in a session can impact the proper creation of audio files in the recording of a session.
    • Best practice: Sessions can sometimes collect a high number of pods as new ones are added over top of old ones. To clean up old, unused pods from a session, follow these steps: Click Pods > Manage pods > Select unused > Delete. From this interface you can see any other pods that might have been used but are no longer required and could delete them as well.
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