Problems with Grade Visibility - Gradebook Settings Edits

Article Last Updated May 2018

A known bug can sometimes cause problems identifying which grades have been released to students. This issue is in active development by the moodle community and we will be looking to release a fix as soon as possible.

The problem affects the Gradebook setup view of the gradebook and occurs when making any edits or changes to the properties of grade items in categories in gradebooks where the course total or a parent category has already been hidden. This is a relatively common scenario, for example an instructor would want to hide the course total or a whole grade category until all the grades have been populated to limit student confusion stemming from incomplete totals.

For example:

When you make an edit to any one of the grade items within a category through Edit > Edit settings in the Actions column, the visibility of these totals is affected but only in this view of the gradebook. Students do not see their scores. (This is good if you are trying to prevent students from seeing their scores but bad if you are trying to show students their grades.)

For example:

However if we check the visibility of grade items in the student's user report, we can see that the student still cannot view the grades (potentially the intended case):

This is most easily seen in the default grader report view with editing turned on where we can see both the column visibility and the visibility of individual student grades within the column:


Since the grader report view shows both the column and individual grade item visibility separately, it is the best place to verify the state of grade visibility when you have been making edits in the Categories and items view. It is also the easiest location to resolve these problems:

  • If you want the grades to remain hidden to students, click the eyeball at the top of the column and then both the column and the grade items will be hidden (this makes all views of the gradebook show the correct information).
  • If you want the grades to be visible to students, first click the eyeball at the top of the column to toggle it closed, then click it again to toggle the column visibility AND individual grade item visibility open.


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