Problems with Grade Visibility - Access restrictions

Article Last Updated May 2018

A known bug can sometimes cause problems identifying which grades have been released to students. This issue is in active development by the moodle community and we will be looking to release a fix as soon as possible.

The problem affects graded activities where access restrictions have been applied AND you have selected the option to hide the item entirely from student view (as opposed to showing it as unavailable with the accompanying restriction displayed to students):

On the main eClass course page, these items are shown to instructors as being hidden from students with a notification of the condition of access. 

However in all the views of the gradebook, this activity does not show as hidden - to all appearances, it is visible to students in both the Grader report view:

... and it shows as visible in the instructor's view of a User report for a particular student:

Unfortunately, this item is not visible if you are actually logged in as a student (for example by using the DemoStudent view):

The only way to make this item visible in the student's grade view is by changing the access restriction so that the item is shown greyed-out if the condition is not met or by removing the access restriction entirely.

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