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ePortfolios Known Issues

This article lists the current known issues and technical problems in ePortfolios that have already been added to our product backlog for repairs or for which there is already development underway at

Issue/Problem Summary Known Workarounds
Theme changed after May 2016 upgrade The May 2016 upgrade was a major improvement in the architecture of ePortfolio themes. The old themes could not be ported forward to this new architecture.

You should receive an alert the first time you try to edit any page where you had previously set a theme informing you that the old theme is no longer available and offering the new options. All of the new themes will eventually be branded for the U of A. For more customizeability, you can also use Skins now to control your page display.

PDF embeds are not exported correctly Embedded PDFs display correctly on but are excluded when exporting your portfolio for preservation or migration to a different hosting provider.

When exporting your portfolio for import into another system, download any embedded PDFs for upload into the new site or for your own records.

PDF embed block does not offer the option of re-sizing PDFs get scaled to the size of the block in the page. Control the size of the embedded PDF block by positioning it differently in the page layout (giving it a width spanning more than 1 column.)
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