Quick start guide for ePoll

ePoll is the University of Alberta's web-based student response system (SRS), which allows instructors to conduct live student polls within the classroom. ePoll was constructed to provide existing SRS users with a free alternative to clicker-based systems while also allowing students to use their own devices. ePoll is currently in the prototype phase - anyone interested in using the system live in a classroom setting during this phase is encouraged to contact the IST eClass team.

Accessing the system

  • ePoll is available at https://epoll.srv.ualberta.ca
  • All users must sign in to the system using their CCID. Note that use of the system is governed by the Campus Computing Use Policy.
  • ePoll is designed to be used in a course already using i>Clickers, with the assumption that an instructor will already have their question prompts inserted as slides into their lecture presentation.

Delivering Quick Polls (Instructor-view)

Once you have logged into ePoll, you are just a few clicks away from creating quick polls to participants live within your classroom:

  • The Welcome screen allows the participate in polling sessions by entering the session code, Manage past sessions (including viewing past session results), and Create new polls
  • A flashing icon at the top right indicates online status
  • To begin polling click Create
  • The default poll (session) name is the current date and time
  • The Poll ID is how your students will access the poll
    • If you are using a separate device, you will need to post the code in your powerpoint slides or somewhere in the classroom
    • If you are using ePoll on the classroom computer to display results, students will see the poll code in the question header
  • To add and launch a question, click on the Add question button
  • The default question name is the current time. This can be edited by typing over 'Question text'
  • The default question settings are:
    • Multiple choice question type with 5 answers
    • Students cannot see the overall question results while polling is active
    • See Creating and Managing ePoll Questions for more details on question settings
  • To launch the question click the Begin polling button
  • While polling is running, the instructor will see the current number of responses under the question title
  • The percentage answered for each response are shown in the bar graphs for each answer
  • Clicking End question or Back will stop polling and return the instructor to the question list
  • From the Question list screen, instructors can view the results of past questions, and add/launch new questions
  • Clicking Home on this screen will leave the poll and display the list of existing polls
  • If constructing questions in advance, this screen also allows instructors to change the question order and to duplicate questions. For more information on preparing question lists, see Creating and Managing ePoll Questions


Responding to Polls (Student-view)

  • To respond to polls, students need to sign in
  • They then need to enter the poll code given them by the instructor and click Enter Poll
  • Students will see a screen stating Waiting... until the instructor starts polling on a question
  • Once polling starts, students can select any of the answers by clicking them
  • The selected answer become highlighted and is listed above the question


It should be noted that the quick polling method described above is best used for on-the-fly questions live in class or with pre-built questions already existing in your lecture notes or powerpoint slides. As an alternative, it is also possible to set up question lists in advance that match the specifics of your existing questions - for more information please see Creating and Managing ePoll Questions.

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