Issues Sharing Powerpoint Presentations in eClassLive

If you run into issues while attempting to upload and share PowerPoint presentations in eClassLive, the following troubleshooting steps could help to resolve the problem:

1. Ensure that you have installed the Adobe Connect add-in:

2. If you are experience difficulty with .PPTX files, try saving the file as a .PPT and re-upload to see if it makes a difference.
3. Installing a recent version of Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer can help to ensure optimal conversion of your presentation for upload into eClassLive.
4. Check the image files that are embedded within your PowerPoint file. Are they large images? What file type are they? Ensuring that your embedded PowerPoint images are JPEGs may help to optimize conversions when uploading to eClassLive.

These steps can help to resolve upload errors, issues with transitions, and omission of images when uploading and sharing PowerPoint presentations in eClassLive.

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