Copying Content Off of eClass Courses

Article Last Updated May 2018

If you know that you are going to lose access to an eClass course and you wish to retain the content from the course, you have several options depending on the type of content and your role in the course.

If you are a student in a course:

  • For content that you have contributed (eg. forum posts) or submitted (eg. assignment submissions), you can export content directly to one of the 2 available portfolio services: Google Docs or the Mahara ePortfolio. For more information on this process, see Exporting Your Content to a Portfolio.
  • For content uploaded into the course as an external file type (eg. MS Word, PDF, etc), you can copy any files in the course to your local computer via the normal browser processes for saving files - right-click (cmd-click) and select save-as a file.
  • For native eClass course content (page resources, tab displays, content section headings, etc), you can highlight any desired content on the browser page and paste it into a text editor such as MS Word or a Google Doc.

If you are an instructor in a course:

For individual articles of content, all the same processes available to students listed above can be used to copy content. In addition:

  • To copy any or all the content from a course into another course on eClass you can use the Import function. For more information see Transferring Content Between Courses.
  • To remove a copy of a course from eClass, you can save a backup of a course to your local machine. Backups are not human-readable and can only be restored into another existing Moodle installation or back into an eClass course during the course request process. Note that instructors cannot backup activities (forums, assignments) including student submissions.

Removing a Copy of Your Course Using Backup:

  1. On you course main page, click on the gear icon, then on Backup.

  2. Keep the default Backup settings and select Jump to final step. If you would like to save only part of your course, select Next to choose which specific topics, resources, and activities from your course will be backed up.

  3. Once the backup has been created, select Continue. This will take you to the Restore course page where you can manage your backups.

  4. In the User private backup area you should be able to see and Download the backup file that was just created.

    This file is not human-readable but can be restored into an eClass course at any time to view the content within. No student or user data is included in the backup file - this includes forum/announcement posts and assignment submissions.
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