Problems with eClass Assignment Grading Fall 2017

As mentioned on our news feed, some users are encountering errors while grading assignments in eClass. While the eClass support and hosting teams are working on a permanent solution, our strategy will be to halt any stalled assignment file conversions. This should allow most users to complete their assignment grading in a timely manner.

If your assignment grading session stalls (your browser becomes unresponsive), this likely means that the conversion process for one of your submissions has locked. These locks will be removed manually by the hosting team as soon as possible but there may be a delay for this to occur. If the grading has time sensitivity, you also the option of grading through the View all submission -> Quick grading interface (if you are not using an 'Advanced grading' method such as a rubric):

Certain users, especially those who ran into stalled conversions in specific assignments issue, may still encounter an error in the grading interface for those assignments. The error 'invalid response' only affects the display of the student information at the top of the page and once dispelled does not prevent grades or feedback from being saved.

(If you need to be certain which student you are grading, you can launch this interface for a particular student from the 'View all submissions' table.)

If you continue to experience issues, please contact eClass support at

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