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Using ePoll for Students

ePoll is the University of Alberta's web-based student response system (SRS), which allows instructors to conduct live student polls within the classroom. ePoll was constructed to provide existing SRS users with a free alternative to clicker-based systems while also allowing students to use their own devices including mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. ePoll is currently in public beta phase and anyone with feedback about the system is encouraged to contact the IST eClass team.


Responding to Polls (Student-view)

  • To access the system, students need to go to
  • There is no specific app for ePoll at this time. For persistent use, users can bookmark the site, leave it open in a browser tab, or add a home screen icon or shortcut.
  • All users must sign in to the system using their CCID. Note that use of the system is governed by the Campus Computing Use Policy.
  • To access a poll in class, students must enter the Poll ID code given to them by their instructor. This will be a 3 or 4 letter combination which is not case sensitive. To begin responding, input the poll code and tap or click Enter Poll.
  • Students joining successfully will see Joined Poll and the specific Poll ID to verify they are in the correct poll.
  • Until questions are launched by the instructor, Waiting... is displayed.
  • Once polling starts, the question title is listed on top with answer prompts below.
  • Students click or tap any answer to choose it.
  • The selected answer becomes highlighted and is listed above the question.
  • If an instructor elects to do so, the answer summary results may be displayed after polling is closed.
  • The percentage votes will appear beside each available answer.
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