Moving a Course Online

Article Last Updated July 2020

This article outlines the centrally supported tools available to make a rapid transition to teaching fully online when face-to-face lectures are not possible.

Below, we have gathered a series of functions that you may need to perform during online course delivery. Each function has several options and tools available to meet your needs. For some additional considerations about performing these functions in the online space, please consult the Centre for Teaching and Learning's Guide for Teaching Effectively during Disruptions or their guide to Remote Teaching. You can also contact CTL for direct support here or complete their self-paced Teaching and Learning Online training course within eClass.

If you haven’t already, you will need to create your course on eClass. We strongly recommend that Instructors who are new to eClass review the eClass overview for new users.

For any questions about  this page or making any of these changes, please contact IST eClass support at 780-492-9372 or by email at


Create online lecture materials

- Add your files to eClass and Google Drive, or directly embed your Google Drive files into eClass

- Convert your lecture slides to voiceover recordings (Powerpoint, Google Slides)

- Embed video recordings in your course

- Record your screen directly into eClass using Stream2

Communicate with your students

- Post course announcements to your students

- Add discussion forums to your course and post asynchronous communications

- Set up a Google Meet for synchronous communication (eg. online office hours)

- Use gmail for private conversations and book calendar events to set up meetings

Deliver lectures online

- Hold live synchronous online lectures using eClass Live (Adobe Connect), Google Meet, or Zoom

Stream lectures to remote viewers

- Take attendance or poll your students using ePoll

Assess students

- Review the Centre for Teaching and Learning’s guidelines for evaluating students online

- Create student assignments in eClass

- Deliver small-stakes, unproctored quizzes or fully online exams in eClass

- Determine a strategy delivering summative exams

- Convert your paper exams using the eClass Exam Digitization Service

- Set up your Gradebook in eClass to securely deliver student grades and export your grades to Bear Tracks

- Ensure that student accommodations are still met at a distance


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