Embedding Google Drive Files in eClass

Article Last Updated April 2020

This article shows how instructors can quickly embed google drive files including videos into their eClass courses. This process occurs through an external integration provided by the google suite 'Assignments' tool and only functions for files inside the ualberta google domain.

To embed a file:

1. Turn editing on and select Add an activity or Resource in the desired content section area.

2. In the activity chooser, select and Add a 'Google File Embed' activity: 

3. In the 'Add an External tool' dialog, add a descriptive name to identify your file - nothing else is required and you should NOT click Select Content. Click Save and Display to attach content from your UAlberta Google drive.

4. If you are not already authenticated into gmail or drive, you will be required to sign in with your @ualberta.ca account. External personal google accounts will not work.

5. When you're signed in, click your account to 'Select' it (in case you are signed into multiple google accounts in the same browser):

6. Click Select file:

7. This will open a file dialog where you can navigate to and select and Add the desired file in your google drive:

8. You will see a confirmation dialog to attach the file to your course. Note that this will change the file sharing settings on the file in google to allow anyone with the link to access. If a greater level of privacy is required, you can open the sharing settings in your google drive and adjust the settings for the specific item:

Note: There will be a Google dialog that displaying that the link will be available to 'anyone with the link', regardless of your previous sharing settings. Never before shared documents will be shared with 'anyone with the link' settings, while other variants of sharing will remain as specified.

9. The file will now be embedded in your course and available for students:


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