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Lecture Recording Overview

Article Last Updated August 2020

Please note: Pre-recording lectures and providing them through eClass is one of the recommended strategies as part of the U of A's shift to online courses in response to Covid-19. 

This article outlines the options available to instructors who need to record lectures and deliver them online to students. Recorded lectures posted in eClass give students the flexibility to view them on demand. There are a wide range of methods for doing this but it is a good recommendation to keep videos to a maximum of 10 - 15 minutes long - these are more engaging and don't cause bandwidth or connection issues.

Record Directly Into eClass

Record Using Online Meeting Software

  • Most of the available online meeting tools provide the option to share slides or a full screen and record audio. (No students need to be present for the recording.)
  • Meeting recordings made using Google Meet are automatically saved to Google Drive and can be embedded in eClassPlease note: Google meet premium features are expiring September 20th, 2020 - after this time, users can no longer record their Google Meet sessions. 
  • Recordings made in eClassLive (Adobe Connect)** or Zoom are automatically accessible from eClass. (Zoom recordings can also be recorded onto user's local computers.) 
  • **Please note: eClassLive (Adobe Connect) will be decommissioned on January 3rd 2021. Instructors for the Fall 2020 term can still use the system but anyone who can, especially instructors who are new to delivering lectures online, should switch to using Zoom for Synchronous lectures

Record Using Content Creation Software and Upload

Record Online and Link



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