eClass Exam Digitization Service

Article Last Updated August 2020

Instructors who are moving assessments online and who do not have their exams already converted to a digital format can utilize this service speed up the creation of electronic exams. This service is intended to provide instructors with a starting point for moving exams online, but instructors are ultimately responsible for question validation and exam delivery. Instructors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with building and administering examinations through eClass to improve online exam delivery and the student experience.

The exam digitization service takes existing exams in an electronic format (MS word .doc or .docx) and converts them into quiz activities on eClass. The converted quizzes will be hidden from students so that instructors can review the questions and configure them correctly for electronic delivery. Note that the service will only digitize summative assessments (Midterms and Final exams) submitted at least 10 business days in advance of the exam date. Exams submitted with less than 10 business days before the exam date will not be digitized, however, our team will happily consult with instructors about how to digitize their own assessments. 

Instructors also have the option to create their own online exams using our guide for creating quizzes, and short instructional videos for basic aspects of quiz building here in eClass 101. Information on the basic mechanisms for importing and uploading files into the course question bank is also available.

New in April 2021, instructors can also create exams using the Exam Digitizer, a custom tool that converts MS Word exams into eClass quiz questions. 

Please note that online exams may not be required so instructors should follow any department, faculty, or central academic directives on assessment and should also consult the Centre for Teaching and Learning’s guidelines for online assessment.

To submit an exam for digitization, please complete this form.

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