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Article Last Updated July 2020

This document outlines the steps students need to follow to launch a monitored exam session using Smart Exam Monitor (SEM). This 3rd party tool is a mechanism to provide proctoring for online exams at-a-distance when students cannot complete exams in person. Please see here to review the Information and Privacy statement regarding remote exam proctoring.

To ensure the integrity of the exam taking environment, the tool monitors (and records) the computer screen, the webcam, and the microphone during exams. SEM requires the following for use:

Basic Requirements

- Chrome browser

- Webcam

- Functional microphone

- Device: Laptop, desktop, or Chromebook (tablets and iPads are not supported)

- Operating system: OSX, Windows, ChromeOS

- Fully charged device and/or power supply

The tool is accessed through eClass and runs in a browser window (no software installation is required.) Users are required to validate and grant permission to their webcam, microphone, and grant permission for screen recording. See below for detailed setup instructions.


General Exam Taking Guidelines

When taking exams, the online testing environment should mimic the ‘in class’ testing environment and should conform to the conditions listed below. Please note: if any of the guidelines below conflict with a student's approved academic accommodations, they should notify their instructor immediately.

Testing Environment

  • Sit at a clean desk or clean table (not on a bed or couch).
  • Lighting in the room must be bright enough to be considered "daylight" quality. Do not sit with your back to a source of natural light (overhead lighting is preferred.) Your face must be clearly visible in the displayed webcam preview.
  • Be sure the desk or table is cleared of all other materials. This means the removal of all books, papers, notebooks, calculators, etc. unless specifically permitted in posted guidelines for that particular exam.
  • No writing visible on the desk or on walls.
  • Close all other programs and/or windows on the testing computer prior to logging into the proctored test environment.
  • Do not have a radio or television playing in the background.
  • Do not talk to anyone else -- no communication with others by any means is permitted.
  • No one except the test-taker is permitted to enter the room during testing.
  • Ensure that your webcam captures a view of your entire face, and upper body, as best you can.


  • Dress as if in a public setting
  • You must not leave the room during the testing period at any time, unless specifically permitted in posted guidelines for that particular examination. You must not take the computer into another room to finish testing (exam must be completed in the same room the “Exam Environment View” is completed in)
  • No use of headsets, ear buds, ear phones (or any similar audio devices) is permitted.
  • Do not use a phone for any reason. The only exception is to contact eClass support or your instructor in the event of a technical issue.
  • You are required to properly establish identity following the procedures outlined in the SEM pre-exam setup.
  • You are responsible for self-testing the functionality of the system in advance of all SEM exams in your courses so that any troubleshooting that is required can be accomplished. A practice exam will be provided to validate SEM functionality.

Policy Violation Consequences

Getting Help During Exams

  • Contact your instructor first if you are encountering issues to advise them of the difficulty and allow for any adjustments they can provide.
  • Contact eClass support at 780-492-9372 or by email at for any technical issues.


Smart Exam Monitor Setup Instructions

Please note: Google Chrome is the required browser to use the Smart Exam Monitor.

SEM exam sessions are accessed through an external tool link in eClass:

Students should select the exam required:

To launch an exam, students must first re-size their browser to full screen. Launching in a smaller window will trigger a warning and prompt students to re-size and refresh:

Before beginning a session, students must give the program permissions to access the screen and webcam on their device. The program first requires permission to share your screen. Users must select ‘Your entire screen’ and click Share:

Please note: If the Share button remains greyed out on this step, it may mean that the full screen option has not been selected. Users must click on the full screen preview to allow it to be selected.

Next, SEM requires media permissions to use the webcam and microphone. Users must select Allow:

If screen sharing and webcam are functioning correctly students will see live previews of what SEM records during exams: the screen share on the left and the web camera on the right and can confirm by clicking I can see my screen and camera video

Once the permissions and basic functionality and the screen and webcam feeds are visible, SEM will then begin the exam check by recording the screen and checking it. Users will need to select and Share the screen again (twice) and wait 30 seconds while the software takes a recording:

The SEM program will next complete a test recording using the microphone.

Students need to say the phrase “Penguins live in Antarctica”:

Last, students must use their webcam to confirm their identity and the integrity of their testing environment. There are 3 steps for this validation:

 1. The webcam will record a picture of your photo ID - center your One card in the left hand window and click Confirm ID:


Note: If your picture ID check fails (for example an expired One Card as in the example above or if your One Card is lost and you have used another form of photo ID), you will be given an option to proceed with existing photo ID saved. You will be allowed to complete your exam and your instructor will receive a flag to validate your ID manually.

2. You will next need to take a photo identifying yourself. This will be matched against your OneCard photo.

Note: If your Face Match check fails (for example if it is too dissimilar from your Photo ID screenshot), you will be given an option to proceed with the existing face photo saved. You will still be allowed to complete your exam and your instructor will receive a flag to validate your photo manually.

3. Last you will have 20 seconds to record your surroundings. You should make sure to capture the surface you are working on and the area immediately behind the monitor. Once you have a recording, it will be previewed back to you. You should confirm your full test-taking environment is recorded and then click Confirm and upload (this may take up to a minute to upload):

Once the setup is complete, you will see a preview of the webcam and screen recordings on the left hand side. If it is before the specified start time, there will be a countdown timer in the center of the page until the exam launch time is reached.

After the exam start time is reached, you will see instructions for completing the exam. Note: The exam instructions may vary depending on the specific mechanism your instructor has chosen for quiz delivery and you should follow the instructions provided to you. For basic eClass quizzes there will be a Launch button to begin the exam.

Important: Some exam delivery options may require you to navigate to specific tools. resources, or applications to complete your exam (as specified by your instructor) and SEM will allow this however you must not close the Smart Exam Monitor browser tab. This will be flagged as a violation for your instructor to review.

Once you have completed the exam and completed the submission in eClass, navigate back to the SEM browser tab and click Finish Exam at the top right:

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