Receiving Notifications from Forums (Subscription)
Posted by Dave Laurie on 06 February 2012 07:51 PM

eClass allows you the ability to receive notifications via subscription from any forums where your instructor has allowed this. Some forums have no subscription possible and others are forced-subscription (such as the Announcements forum in each course) but most are set to 'Optional Subscription' so that you can control whether to subscribe and receive messages when any new posts are made.

For forums where subscription is optional, you can choose to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the entire forum or just to specific topics posted within the forum. This is accomplished by clicking the small dot or mail icon to the right of the topic:

To subscribe/unsubscribe from the entire forum, enter the forum (click the link to it on your course home page), then click the link Unsubscribe from this forum under the 'Forum Administration' heading in the left-hand 'Administration' block. The same process applies for subscribing to a forum, if the forum allows it.

By default, all accounts on eClass have the Forum auto-subscribe setting Yes: when I post, subscribe me to that forum discussion. So even if the forum is set to Optional Subscription, you may have been subscribed to it when you made your initial post or replied to a post in the forum. If required you can remove the subscription for this forum as shown above but you also have the option of changing the profile setting: navigate to the user dropdown menu by clicking on your name in the top right corner of eClass and select Preferences.

From your preferences page, select Forum preferences.

In the field Forum auto-subscribe, select No: don't automatically subscribe me to forum discussions. Be sure to click on Save changes near the bottom of the page so that the changes you have made take effect.

There are also some forums, like the Announcements Forum, that are set to Forced Subscription so that you are automatically going to receive notifications from them when anything is posted. You cannot override your subscription in these forums but you can choose to set how you are notified by the system for Forum posts, new messages, and other events following the instructions in the article: eClass: Receiving Messages from eClass.

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