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Managing Student Assignments in Assign2

Article Last Updated April 2021

This article describes how instructors can manage their Assign2 assignments, ensure students have access to the assignment, adjust due dates, and release grades and feedback to students. See Creating Online Assignments Using Assign2 for details on setting up these assignments and an overview of the tool. 


Giving Students Access to Assignments

Once your assignment has been saved, it’s important to ensure your students can access the assignment.  New in April 2021, this can be set in advance by toggling date and time when the assessment will automatically toggle open for student access:

If you do not set an open date, you can still manually toggle your assignment open to students:

  • Go to the dashboard and click on the action menu in the middle right of the page

  • Select “Update Settings” 


  • Toggle the “open to students” option on and click “save settings”

New in April 2021, the number of students pulled into an assessment is listed on the dashboard:


Students are automatically populated in Assign2 when an assessment is created. Please note: a known issue prevents students lists from populating when access restrictions are set on the external tool link. Instructors can hide assessments and release them manually as a workaround.

  • Your class list will be displayed in the “Student" tab in your dashboard:

  • If your class list changes (due to students adding or dropping) after an assessment is created, you can click the Update Users from LMS button in the top right corner to match up your roster.

The students table has several features:

  • Student submissions appear in the 'Assigned Exam' column - the row will display 'Exam Not Assigned' if they have not submitted their assessment. 
  • Instructors can locate specific students by searching or sorting to find their submission and view a preview of a student submissions by clicking the magnifying glass icon beside their assigned exam.
  • New in April 2021, the available functions are collected in the Actions column. 

  • The actions include:

    • Preview student submissions.
    • Review the full history of the submission and grading actions by all markers working on an assessment:

    • Upload students submission in lieu.
    • New in April 2020: Set a different due date and time for a student. Note: overrides must be added AFTER the questions are created in an assessment. These can be added initially as placeholders but the number of questions CANNOT be edited after any individual student overrides have been added. Adding an override will also adjust the submission count for these students on the dashboard page (but they will not have accessed the assessment).

      Overridden students appear in blue:

Managing Deadlines

If you need to change the date or time the assignment is due or change whether or not late submissions are allowed, follow these steps:  

  • Go to the dashboard page in Assign2 and click on the action menu in the center right of the page. 


  • Select Update Settings:


  • Update the date & time as needed and click "save settings". You can also change if late submissions are allowed, make the assignment open to students, or make the marked assignment visible to students on this page.


Releasing Grades & Making Feedback Visible

Once all of the assignments are marked instructors can release the grades to students by pushing the scores to the eClass gradebook and if you choose you can also allow students to view their marked up results directly in Assign2. This allows students to view the mark and any feedback for each question.  

Before releasing grades you may need to update your main dashboard page. You can tell it needs to be updated if you have marked all the assignments, but the "Fully Marked" column does not match the "Total Exams" column. Update September 20, the Dashboard statistics are now updating automatically and users should no longer need to click Update statistics.

To refresh these values go to the action menu and select the Update Statistics option. 



Once all exams are marked scores must be transferred to the eClass by clicking Push Grades. This will upload each students mark for the assignment into the gradebook in eClass. Students to see their total mark received on the assignment in gradebook unless you have grades set as hidden. 

  • On your dashboard click on the action menu in the center right of the screen.


  • Select Push Grades


  • A prompt will come up asking if you would like to proceed, click “push grades” to confirm the action



Making Grades AND Feedback Visible in Assign2

You can also set it so that students can view the mark they received on each question as well as any feedback or annotations you provided in Assign2:

  • Go to your dashboard and click on the menu icon.


  • Select the “update settings option” 


  • Toggle the “students can view results” option on & save settings. 



Note: Students do not automatically receive a notification that this has been done so you will need to let them know that their results are now available for review in Assign2. When they click on the assignment in eClass again it will take them directly to their results.   

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