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Article Last Updated February 2019

The eClass (Moodle) External system is available for use by any U of A Faculty or Staff with courses that require the participation of non-U of A (non-CCID) participants. The service is a replacement for the Blackboard Vista ‘Continuing Professional Development’ institution (CPD). The system  is available for access at or through the regular eClass login portal:

Note: you should not follow any of these processes if you are teaching a regular Bear Tracks credit section!

Here are some details about the processes for the new system:

Course Creation

To create a new course, please go to and select 'External courses' on the Course Type phase of the request process. You can select content copy just as you normally would for regular eClass courses (including content from the Blackboard Vista CPD archive.

User Accounts

Regular users can access and use the system by signing in with their CCID and password. eClass External CCID accounts are created the first time a user signs in so users must complete that step before any administrator or instructor can enroll them in a course. Administrators and instructors need to follow two steps for providing external (non-CCID) users access to courses:

You will need to have users create their own accounts on the eClass External system if they do not have a CCID. Instructions on how to do this are listed on the bottom half of the login page.
Note that you will need to contact IST eClass Support team to obtain the credentials for them to access the account creation page (the page is password-protected to prevent malicious creation of accounts.)

Once new users enter the credentials to access the account creation page, they will be required to enter a username, password, email address, first and last name, and location. Users can sign in using either their email address or their username.

Once their account is created, you need to enroll them in your course. You can do this manually within your course; or you can enable self-enrollment in your course and send your users the URL for the course. With self-enrollment, you also have the option of including a course enrollment password.
If you are unable to find a CCID user when manually enrolling users, it may be because not all CCID users will automatically have their account synced onto the External system. The quickest and easiest method of syncing their account is for the user to log into External at with their CCID and password. When the CCID user first logs in, the system will automatically sync their account to eClass External, and his or her name will then be available for you to enroll in the course.

To use self-enrollment in your course, please see the following article for information on how to enable, and use the the Self-Enrollment method: Enabling the Self Enrolment Method
For information on how to manually enroll users in your course, please see the following article: Adding additional users to my Moodle course

If you have any questions about the eClass External service, please contact us at .
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