File Upload Error - JSON String

Infrequently, users encounter the error 'Invalid JSON string' when trying to upload files. This can mean one of a few different things is going wrong:

  1. The first and most common cause of this error stems from Internet Explorer. Try uploading the file with one of the recommended browsers for using eClass: Firefox or Google Chrome.
  2. This error is also presented when a user tries to upload a file that is larger than the course upload limit. This setting is specified by the course instructor, the default being 100MB. If your file is larger than this size, you must look for an alternative method of uploading it: compressing the file, uploading to google drive and sharing a link, emailing to the instructor directly, etc.
  3. This error can also be caused by file names that contain non-standard characters. In these cases, renaming your file on your local machine before uploading should solve the issue.
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