Suggestions for Best Function of Respondus Lockdown Browser

Article Last Updated September 2018

Suggestions for Students taking Lockdown browser-required quizzes on their own machines

For Windows systems and Macintosh systems with additional security software, we suggest relaxing any security settings to "medium", add "lockdown.exe" (Windows) or "LockDown Browser" (Macintosh) as a "trusted application" and eClass Moodle's server address ( as a "trusted site" in any security software.

We recommend closing down all applications including background applications except for security and network connectivity prior to starting LockDown Browser. Any background downloading of files, streaming music, automated backups or automated updates should be suspended until after the test has been completed with LockDown Browser. This recommendation can equally apply if you are taking a Lockdown Browser-enabled quiz in an IST Campus computer lab.

When using a wireless network connection, students should check connectivity strength, 4-5 bars in Windows or 3-4 arcs in Macintosh, prior to starting a test with LockDown Browser. If connectivity strength is low or there is difficulty navigating through web pages on a standard browser, students should seek a wired network connection prior to writing a test with LockDown Browser.

Please note, if users click outside of the actual course context (e.g. an upcoming block event on the course home page), Respondus will display a "settings misconfigured" error. Users taking a quiz may suddenly have their screens freeze or become blank. To avoid this problem, we recommend users click on an RLDB quiz from within the corresponding course.

Suggestions for Instructors Administering Lockdown browser-required quizzes

Please note, if you encounter problems that affect all students attempting to complete your quizzes, please contact the IST eClass Support team.

The first recommendation is that students take a LockDown Browser-enabled practice quiz prior to taking an actual exam with LockDown Browser.

Ideally the instructor should provide a LockDown Browser-required practice quiz that will be similar to the types of quizzes or exams being used in the course. This includes similar question types in the practice quiz that the student will see in the graded quizzes, particularly any question type that will involve a text editor or equation editor such as essay questions.

Also, if the instructor includes audio/video media clips in their quizzes, they should have practice quizzes with similar media clips so the students can configure any media player plugins. Tip: When using media, the instructor should use "Object/Embed" not "A HREF=". See for more details.


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