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Hiding Courses from your eClass Course Overview List

Article Last Updated June 2018

To hide or reorder courses on your eClass Course Overview List:

    1. On the eClass Overview page, click the yellow button on the top right screen, "Customise this page".

    • To show or hide courses, click the eyeball. Hidden courses are grayed out and its respective icon shows an eyeball crossed out.
    • To reorder your course list, drag-and-drop the courses into the order preferred by using the drag-handles indicated by a multidirectional arrow.
  1. Click "Stop customising this page" when finished.


  • The 'Reset page to default' button will revert all layout customisations (item order, blocks, visibility, etc.) in your eClass to default settings.
  • Hiding a course from your Course Overview list DOES NOT hide it in the left-hand Navigation block.
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