Using Respondus Lockdown Browser

Article Last Updated September 2018

This article will explain how to add an option requiring the use of Respondus Lockdown Browser (RLDB) for quizzes in eClass. This requirement means that students must use a special, secure browser to complete the quiz instead of a standard browser like Chrome or Firefox. This browser is pre-installed in some U of A campus computer labs but not in those managed centrally by IST (new in Fall 2018). Students can download the browser using the following instructions if they are required to take a secure quiz on their personal machine.

To require that an eClass quiz be taken with the Respondus Lockdown Browser:

  1. Click on Turn Editing on on the top, right hand corner. Scroll down and click on Add a block located at the bottom left of the screen.

  2. A pop-up menu then appears. Click on Respondus Lockdown Browser.

  3. Once the block for the Respondus Lockdown browser appears in the right column of your main course page, click on Dashboard... within the block. 


  4. The titles of all your quizzes will appear on the screen. Beside any quiz you want to change the settings for, click the action icon to the left of the title. Then, click on Modify Settings.

  5. Select 'Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam' to enable the Lockdown browser. Before you click on Save and Close, please ensure that you leave the first option in the Advanced settings unchecked. If you enable this option, students may encounter problems when trying to log back into the quiz.  

  6. When you are finished, click on Save and Close.

  7. If you wish to remove the RLDB requirement, re-enter the Dashboard and click on the action icon to the left of the quiz again. Then, click on Modify Settings and select the first option 'Don't require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam'. 
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