Using Zoom and eClassLive Outside Bear Tracks Sections

Article Last Updated March 2020

How do I use Zoom or eClassLive if I do not have an eClass course?

U of A Staff and administrators can use Zoom and eClassLive for various administrative usage such as web conferences, demos, thesis defense, etc. These meetings can be created in any existing eClass course open to you: a credit course that you instruct which is now closed, a non-credit course available to you, or your Moodle sandbox.

If you do not have a Moodle Sandbox course, you can create one immediately: use your CCID to sign in to the regular eClass credit course creation system (, then click Request a course, choose your role as Instructor, and select Moodle Sandbox at the Choose Course Type step. This will create the course and provide you a link to log into your eClass Sandbox.

The process to create “administrative meetings” is the same as creating meetings in credit courses. View the following articles:

Participants (students or colleagues) can join meetings through the Join URL (Zoom) or external URL (eClassLive) (which you can email to them) as Guests without authentication. The URL is created automatically as soon as you create the meeting and is available from the meeting details page.

If you need guests to have host or presenter capabilities once inside Zoom or eClassLive, you can “promote” a participant to Host on the fly in a meeting, which is a common way to give guest speakers the proper capabilities within meetings. On eClassLive, you can also give guests elevated host-like permissions for specific pods in a meeting (see this How-to for instructions on doing this).

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