Changing User Roles on eClassLive

Article Last Updated May 2018

By default in regular eClass credit courses there is generally no need to customize roles in eClassLive. Users entering through eClass will be assigned the correct permissions based on their role in the eClass course - for more information on the available roles and mappings, see here.

If you have guest presenters joining your session via an emailed link, you can elevate their permissions easily through the Connect interface. There is no limit to how many hosts or presenters you can set for a session - just be aware that multiple speakers (and changes to the interface) can cause confusion in your meeting so the fewer the better in general. For more information on the range of user role customization including elevating permissions only for particular pods, see Enhancing Participant Permissions in eClassLive.

To change user's roles:

  1. Once they have joined the session, find their name in the Attendees pod and then click to select it.

  2. In the options panel that appears, select Make host or Make presenter:

  3. You can also click their name, hold, and drag them up into the new role required.

If you are using a meeting room for some type of specialized function, you may want to make more permanent changes. For example, if you create meeting rooms for students to collaborate in groups, you might wish to grant them all the host or presenter role in advance just for that meeting. This would prevent you from needing to join the session and elevate their permissions. To do this:

  1. In the meeting details screen select Assign roles:

  2. This will launch a page where you can give Host permissions to a user for just that meeting:


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