Enhancing Participant Permissions in eClassLive

Once users have accessed an eClassLive session, anyone with the host role has a wide range of flexibility to customize the permissions of the other users in the meeting. The options range from changing user's roles in the entire meeting, just for specific pods, or just on the various tools in the room (microphone, webcam, etc.).

To change the role of users for the entire meeting (commonly used to elevate a guest user to presenter status) you will use the attendees pod:

  • Find the user's name in the Attendees pod and then click to select it.
  • In the options panel that appears, select Make host or Make presenter:

  • You can also click their name, hold, and drag them up into the new role required.

Hosts can also change the rights of a participants to give them control only over selected pods. This arrangement enhances a participant's rights without promoting them to the full presenter or host role. To do this:

  • In the Attendees pod, select the name of one or more participants.
  • In the upper-right corner of the pod, click the options icon.
  • Select Attendee Options > Enhanced Participant Rights:

  • In the dialog box, select the pods that you want the participant to control:

To grant bulk permission to use tools like the microphone and webcams, you can similarly use the Attendees pod:

  • Select users (or multiple users with shift-cmd or shift-ctrl).
  • This will open the options panel for those users where you can select Enable Microphone,Enable Video, or Enable Drawing

New in Summer 2017: It is now also possible to enable microphone rights for all participants in the Audio options for the entire meeting:

  • From the Audio dropdown in the top meeting options bar, select Microphone Rights For Participants:

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