Creating Multiple eClassLive Meetings

Should I create one meeting for the entire term, or multiple meetings (one for each session)?

eClassLive powered by Adobe Connect allows you to re-use the same meeting for an entire term - any time that a host enters a session, the meeting becomes active for participants. The calendar dates that you specify in the eClassLive activity creation screen only create a calendar event within the course calendar.

Whether you choose to set up a single meeting and re-use it or multiple meetings depends on your course setup and personal preferences. If you have infrequent meetings through the term with the same group of students, one meeting would work well. If you have frequent meetings, you can might to create one meeting for each week or each month. One advantage to re-using the same meeting throughout the term is that content constructed in a session will persist throughout the term so you can set up your meeting room and return to it for each meeting with everything already in place.


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