eClass Spell Check

The spell checker function within the eClass text editor (TinyMCE editor) is no longer available. This is due to changes implemented by Google to their Spell Check Web Service.

Fortunately, most modern browsers provide a built-in spell checker that can be used instead. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE10 should all have spell checking services available. If you use an older browser that does not support spell checking, we recommend installing one of the newer browsers listed.

To use your built-in browser spell checker within eClass, simply press the control key and right click your mouse while within your HTML editor. A 'Check Spelling' or 'Spelling and Grammar' option should appear in the drop down menu that will allow you to turn on spell checking.

The first time you do this, it is possible that you may need to click on 'Add in Dictionary' before the 'Check Spelling' option becomes available. If this happens, just add the required dictionary and the 'Check Spelling' option will then be available the next time you press the control key and right click your mouse within the HTML editor.

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