Creating Sessions

eClassLive is powered by Adobe Connect, which is a tool that allows instructors to connect with students online at a specified time.  The system includes a multitude of tools, such as video, whiteboards, presentations, chat, etc... eClassLive allows instructors to teach in a virtual classroom and can be used in fully online courses or as part of a blended course. You can create sessions of eClassLive through any of your exisitng eClass courses:

Adding an eClassLive Session

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Move to the topic area where you wish to add content (the week, unit, etc…) and click on the Add an Activity or Resource link Add Activity or Resource link
  3. Choose eClassLive (Adobe Connect) () and click OK to proceed to the 'Adding a new eClassLive (Adobe Connect)' settings.
  4. Drop open the 'Adobe Connect Settings' section to access the following:
    • "Meeting URL Customization": Allows the instructor to specify the URL of the meeting. If none is specified, the system will generate a random string as the URL.
    • "Meeting type": Allows the instructor to specify if the activity is public or private. A public course means that you may invite other users to attend the meeting using the meeting URL.  A private course only allows students who are registered in the eClass course to access the meeting.
    • "Meeting Templates": Allows you to choose the default template of the meeting.
    • "Start time": Specifies when the meeting will start. Students can access the resource with the URL at any time before and after this time.
    • "End time": Specifies when the meeting is set to end. Students can access the resource with the URL at any time before and after this time.
  5. After specifying your parameters, save using one of the green buttons at the bottom of the page.


  • You only need to add one eClassLive (Adobe Connect) to your course; that same room can be used over and over throughout the term, year, etc...
  • Note that the start time and end time of your session are only relevant to your eClass (Moodle) calendar.  The room will stay open as long as you would like, regardless of what you set as your start and end point in the initial setup.


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