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Major eClass Upgrade June 2018 - Upcoming Changes
Posted by Dave Laurie on 13 March 2018 03:27 PM

Attention eClass Users,

Please be aware that in June 2018, we will be performing a major version upgrade to eClass. This upgrade will introduce a large number of feature improvements across the site and will include an overhaul to the theme and user interface.

The upgrade will require a full system outage, which has been scheduled for Saturday, June 23th 2017 from 12:00AM until Sunday June 24th at 11:59PM (48 hours).

The main system features that will change in the new version of eClass are listed below:


  • The eClass theme has been completely overhauled and numerous usability improvements have been made to streamline the look and feel of eClass.
  • Personal message and notification menus are now easily accessible from top navigation bar.
  • The Course Overview block has been redesigned.
  • The ‘Participants’ area has been merged with the ‘Enrolled users’ area to offer improved functionality in a single location.
  • Instructors & Designers can now hide content from the course main page but still allow students to access/use it when linked (replaces orphaned content).
    The Calendar interface has been redesigned and new functionality has been added, including the ability to quickly add and drag-and-drop events.
  • New navigation options between individual activities and content resources have been added.

Quiz Improvements

  • Bulk question deletion from the question bank is now possible.
  • CLOZE quiz questions can now have multiple correct answers.
  • The creation interface for quiz drag-and-drop questions has been improved.

Assignment Improvements

  • Assignment file submissions can now be limited to specific file types.
  • Assignment rubric grading will now allow negative score levels for criteria.
  • User and group overrides are now possible for assignment submissions.
  • The ‘Save-and-show-next’ button has returned to the assignment grading interface.

Forum Improvements

  • Forum read-tracking is now a user preference.
  • Forums can now be set to lock if inactive for a specified period.

Other Activity improvements

  • Activity completion summaries are now available at the course level and allow for bulk changes and easier management. This includes the option to mark items complete for students if required.
  • Users can now duplicate pages in the Lesson activity.
  • The Book resource has had numerous improvements to the user interface and editing workflows.
  • The Choice activity has been improved to include new functionality.  Instructors can now set a choice for students, open and close dates can be set separately, deadlines now feed into the calendar, and horizontal & vertical display now affects both choices and displayed results.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Configuration options for gradebook single view have been improved.
  • Multimedia embedding routines have been improved.
  • Content tagging options have been expanded.

Please also note that the following features will no longer be available in the new version of eClass:

  • Journal activity
  • Jmol Chemistry filter

This list of features may be subject to change before the upgrade takes place. We will be providing training and support materials to prepare users for major changes as the upgrade date draws closer.

If you have any questions about this upgrade, please contact us at

IST eClass Support