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ePortfolio (Mahara) Outage Wednesday May 2nd 2018
Posted by Dave Laurie on 13 April 2018 02:09 PM

Attention ePortfolio users,

There will be a scheduled ePortfolio (Mahara) outage Wednesday May 2nd 2018 from 7:00AM to 10:00AM for a system upgrade. Both the system infrastructure and the application version will be upgraded during this outage.

The new application version contains a number of general bug and security fixes, as well as functional changes and interface improvements. Highlights of the functional changes include:

  • Easier access to user’s portfolios (pages and collections are combined on a single page).
  • Streamlined navigation.
  • Addition of competency frameworks that can be associated with collections.

Note that only the ePortfolio service will be affected by this change. eClass and eClassLive will not be impacted by this outage.

If you have any questions about this service upgrade, please contact us at

IST eClass Support