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ePoll Outage Announcement - Friday August 24th 2018
Posted by Dave Laurie on 10 August 2018 12:40 PM

Attention ePoll users,

This is a notification that there will be a maintenance outage for ePoll on Friday, August 24th 2018 from 9:00AM to 12:00PM. This outage is required to apply infrastructure updates and release a new version of the application.

This new version of ePoll includes some useful new functionality as we open up the service for full Beta access. New features include:

  • Instructors can now edit questions and answers that have not yet been polled.
  • Poll results can now be pushed directly to student devices.
  • Instructors can now designate correct answers in all question types. This feature can be used to collect student results.
  • Instructors will now have a workflow to push poll scores into eClass.
  • Users can now login with the UofA’s Single-Sign-On (SSO) functionality using their CCID and password.

Please note that this outage requires a database rebuild so any student participation data in past sessions must be downloaded prior to the outage.

ePoll will be unavailable for the duration of this outage. If you have any questions about this outage, please contact us at

IST eClass Support