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UPDATED: Smart Exam Monitor Update for Fall 2020
Posted by Dave Laurie on 18 September 2020 02:54 PM

Attention eClass Users,

Update September 24th: An additional release for SEM has added the option to add quiz passwords directly into SEM session settings to allow students to launch quizzes more easily in the Closed book full screen workflow. A number of other minor fixes and language changes were added.

A new version of the remote exam monitoring platform Smart Exam Monitor (SEM) has been released for Fall term. This release features a more secure workflow that forces students to launch their browsers in full screen mode to prevent distractions. In this workflow, any attempts to leave the full screen quiz view before a quiz is completed will be flagged.

Full details for instructors on how to set up this workflow are available here. Also of note, SEM tools can now be more easily added to courses as the option is available directly in the activity chooser.

Any instructors planning to use SEM in Fall term are encouraged to contact eClass support at or by phone at 780-492-9372 during business hours for a full breakdown of the system specifics and a list of recommended practices.

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